Global Templates

Global templates allow you to configure supported stack onces and have those settings be reflected across all instances of that stack in your project.

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Configure Once, Style Everywhere

Copying stacks between pages on your website is sooo 2013! With Global Templates you configure the global stack once and the settings will be reflected on all pages throughout your site.

Site Styles

Next Level Efficiency

If you love how the Global Templates save you time building your website, check out these other amazing ways to make building your website with RapidWeaver faster.

Global Content Stacks

Make any content truly global with the Global Content stacks. This stack will revolutionize how to structure your RapidWeaver projects. It supports Stacks as well as over 15 other page plugins.

Global Text & User Stacks

Stacks 2.5 introduced two amazing new features: Global Text and User Stacks. You have to learn how to use these! To help you with that, check out WeaverCast show 18 and show 19.

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